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Code of Conduct


Promoting the productivity and optimization of our customers‘ automation processes is the declared goal of the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH. To fulfill this ambitious objective, we are working to make the company the German manufacturer of outstanding milling and change technology for both body shop and the body in white shop.

Our challenge is not only to meet the needs of our customers dependably and proactively and to engineer first-class, high-quality, reliable solutions, but also to provide after-sales care that is reliable and future-oriented. Maintaining the legal provisions and establishing binding internal regulations is essential – not only to allow us to make this promise reality, but also to avoid damages and losses for the company.

Our  Code of Business Conduct summarizes the fundamental corporate value system; any other internal guidelines must be in accord with.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH is unreservedly committed to lawful business practices. We expect all employees to behave in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and the binding internal guidelines, as well as the regulations of their employment contract.

The term “employee“ as used in this  Code of Business Conduct is understood to refer to any person working for BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH, including the business management, executive employees, and other managers. All employees are kept informed of binding internal guidelines; the dedicated in-house whiteboard is an essential aid in disseminating this information.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH maintains that the rules of this Code of Business Conduct also apply to its subsidiaries, insofar as this is appropriate to the size and complexity of the corresponding enterprises. In the case of international subsidiaries, relevant national laws must also be observed.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH assumes that its business partners conduct their transactions in a manner that conforms to applicable laws and legal regulations.

§ 1 Implementation of corporate principles and fundamentals of business transactions

As a company, BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH specifically supports the vocational interests of employees and respects their rights. For business operations, safeguarding the professional confidentiality of all employees according to the respective provisions is vital.

Sustainability is primary concern in all the business activities of BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH and its employees. BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH defines sustainability as maintaining a balance among economic, ecological, and social dimensions.

BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH is committed to a business administration characterized by sound and responsible actions.

§ 2 Data privacy and data safety

For the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH, a professional data processing service provider, data privacy and data safety are a top priority and extremely important. BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH is committed to maintaining extraordinarily high standards in this field. This applies above all to personal data, as well as to business data. In this context, all employees must take particular responsibility.

All employees maintain the confidentiality of master data, in particular order-related data.

BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH demands that all business partners respect the obligations arising from data privacy and safety, as well as confidentiality.

§ 3 Finance, corporate property, commitment to truth

The relevant legal provisions and generally valid standards for accounting and bookkeeping (in particular, the German general accounting principles – in German: GoB), as well as for financial transactions – above all the four-eyes principle – must be maintained. All employees protect corporate assets by complying with the internal regulations on decision-making and signing.

Transactions with affiliated companies and persons are conducted under generally accepted market conditions, thereby abiding by the respective internal guidelines.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH takes all required actions to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism within its range of influence. Embargo restrictions are considered.

Each employee must responsibly and carefully handle and use corporate equipment and property and avoid damage. Company equipment and facilities may only be employed for official business purposes, insofar as another use has not been exclusively permitted.

All records of and reports regarding business procedures must be complete and truthful.

Providing and maintaining an internal monitoring system (in German: IKS) as well as proactive risk management, the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH does everything possible to ensure good internal practices and to avoid any risks that could damage inventory and equipment.

§ 4 Integrity

Integrity characterizes our relationship with customers, suppliers and other business partners. This relationship is based on respect and acknowledgement and complies with basic business principles. Order placement is free of extraneous considerations and personal interests. Agreements must be documented completely in writing.

No employee is authorized to offer or accept illegal gifts and courtesies, irrespective of the form. The respective internal regulations and agreements are explicitly laid out. Direct or indirect considerations to and from office holders and public officials in Germany and abroad are strictly forbidden.

Insofar as employees gain inside information about listed customers, suppliers, or other partners, they must observe the prevailing insider law.

Donations and sponsorship by the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH must be transparent, documented, and verified for legal justification. Every case must be approved by the executive board.

No employee may induce third parties to commit illegal acts or consciously collaborate in such acts by third parties.

§ 5 Workplace safety, employee participation, collegiality, human dignity

BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH respects all employees and acknowledges their rights. This, above all, specifically includes workplace safety and health protection. Work processes, plants and production facilities must comply with the applicable legal provisions.

Respecting the diversity of people and their talents is a corporate strength. BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH values the individual strengths of its employees. Particular consideration is given here to the needs and interests of persons with disabilities. Employment decisions are made according to objective criteria.

A collegial corporate culture is the basis for entrepreneurial success. Managers maintain a relationship of trust in working with those they supervise. The “Employees‘ Code of Conduct" provides standards for the actions and behavior of all employees. Discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, gender, cultural and/ or religious background, handicap, age, or sexual identity, as well as any harassment, will not be tolerated.

BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH regards employee participation with a good governance corporate partner as an opportunity.

The company’s success depends on the full commitment of its employees. Secondary occupations, as well as activities for executive bodies of other companies, may not interference or limit the interests of the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH and must be disclosed. Certification as an accredited professional requires the approval of the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH respects internationally recognized human rights and rejects inhumane practices, such as forced labor or child labor. The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH does not cooperate with companies and institutions that engage in or allow such practices. We at BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH assume that our suppliers and subcontractors will also maintain these internationally applicable social standards.

§ 6 Product innovation, product safety, environmental protection

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH brand and its products and services stand for quality. Consequently, all involved must ensure that our products contribute to the customers’ value-added chain and avoid any chance of causing damaging.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH protects its own property and respects third parties’ ownership.

Our employees are prudent and economical in their use of natural resources. Our commitment in this field exceeds mere compliance with the legal requirements in terms of environmental protection.

§ 7 Conduct in competition

BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH succeeds on the market through high quality products and services and respects the rules of competition. Therefore, our employees neither engage in unlawful practices competition nor do they encourage them.

All employees demonstrate responsible use of confidential information, including that pertaining to third parties. No employee of the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH transfers business secrets or other internal information to competitors or other third parties without authorization or illegally.

Simultaneous work for a competitor, or participation in or operation of a competitive enterprise, is incompatible with employment at the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH.

§ 8 Final provisions

All employees must consider and comply with the sense of this Code of Business Conduct. The executive team must take particular responsibility for the maintenance of the Code of Business Conduct in their areas of authority.

Every employee has the right to report his/ her manager potential violations in the company of laws or binding internal guidelines, including this Code of Business Conduct.

Violations of this Code of Business Conduct will be adequately sanctioned. They may also result in criminal charges, external investigations, and/ or civil procedures. BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH collaborates with the relevant state authorities according to applicable laws.

The business management has the right to alter and extend this Code of Business Conduct.


Mildenau, January 2020


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