Image by Adam Vradenburg


Transparency is key when planing for the future. We believe in planning ahaed and changing how we do things  to protect the environment. We want to create a postive social impact.

Image by Shane Rounce


Bräuer is dedicated to use renewable energy. We installed solar panels on our roofs and as you can see in the picture some times we generate more energy than we actually use.


Efficient recycling starts by sorting every piece of trash into the correct bin and resumes with us taking apart old devices and recycling those as well.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


We promote sustainable mobility by providing bicycles for our employees. Also, we are using an all electric forklift and  paletjack. Yes, those get charged with our solar panel.


Sustainability starts with people. Thats why we offer education to everyone of our employees. Building awareness and skills that drive innovation.



By getting certified for our environmental management system ISO 14001 we show that we care for sustainable business.