About us

Welcome to Bräuer Systemtechnik – your innovation leader in the field of milling and changing electrode caps. We combine advanced technology with outstanding quality to revolutionize your industrial processes.

Driven by Success

As an industry leader, BRÄUER has possessed a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of manufacturing innovative products since 1990. The industry is constantly changing, so it is crucial to keep pace with the latest technologies.

Quality made in Germany

BRÄUER has always developed, designed, and manufactured in Germany. Our reliable and quality-focused products, enhanced by the use of the latest technologies, excel even under the toughest conditions in body construction.

"Continuously improving"

Our continuous innovation, development, and experimentation with new methods improve our products daily. Through internal testing and collaborations with customers, we have become leaders in the field of milling and changing electrode caps.


First Steps

Schweißtechnik Bräuer is founded by Andreas Bräuer.


Let's do it

Volkswagen Mosel receives the first electrode tip dresser.


Let's do it again

The latest BRÄUER generation "Kappostar" enters the market and convinces the customers with prescision, diligence and optimised automation.


Keep Going

The first US entity in the sunny state of South Carolina is founded.


Here we are

We are moving into our brand new headquarters in Annaberg.


a notice

In this Code of Business Conduct, the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH continuously uses he/ him pronouns purely to enhance readability. Rules and regulations apply to all genders equally.

Promoting the productivity and optimization of our customers’ automation processes is the declared goal of the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH. To fulfill this objective, we strive to make the company the best German manufacturer of outstanding milling and change equipment for both body shop and the body in white shop.

Our challenge is not only to meet the needs of our customers dependably and proactively and to engineer first-class, high-quality, reliable solutions, but also to provide after-sales care that is reliable and future-oriented. Maintaining the legal provisions and establishing binding internal regulations is essential – not only to allow us to make this promise reality, but also to avoid damages and losses for the company. To manufacture our products and perform services, we procure raw, auxiliary, and operating materials from our suppliers, from whom we also expect extremely high standards in terms of sustainability. Responsible action is also very important in the procurement process at BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH is unreservedly committed to lawful business practices. We expect all suppliers to behave in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and the binding internal guidelines, as well as the legal provisions any time.

When the term “Supplier/-s” is used in this Code of Business Conduct, it is understood to refer to any organizations that work actively for the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH. The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH expects legally compliant conduct from all business partners.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH expects sustainability, quality, and responsibility not only from service providers, business partners, and suppliers, but also in its own company. For many years, we have consistently observed the required laws and provisions, but we have also acted and continue to act in accordance with many obligations and basic rules undertaken voluntarily. Our objective is to engineer and manufacture high-quality and high-value products that make us competitive for the long term and to support our customers’ success as much as possible.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH relies on very high standards and expects the same from its service providers and suppliers. The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH and its suppliers support one another by adhering to the values and principles laid out in this Code of Business Conduct along the entire value-added chain. We do this because responsible ecological, economic, and social actions are important to us all. Over many years, the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH has established a trusting and responsible cooperation with many business partners. Enduring business relationships are a defining feature of the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH.

The present Code of Business Conduct is valid for all business partners, including service providers, customers, and suppliers. We ask for immediate notification of any violation of the principles outlined in this Code of Business Conduct.

The BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH expects all business partners and their subcontractors to adhere to the following principles, as well as to ensure compliance in all activities and supply chains through appropriate actions.

Implementation of social ideas and principles of entrepreneurial activity

The business partners specifically support the vocational interests of the employees and respect their rights. For business operations, it is crucial that all employees maintain confidentiality according to the applicable provisions.

Sustainability is a primary concern for the business partner and its employees, and a guiding principle for all entrepreneurial activity. Sustainability is understood as maintaining a balance among economic, ecological, and social dimensions.

All recordings and reports on business activities must be complete and truthful.

An internal control system and active risk management provide for proper internal processes, and thus risks endangering the continued existence of the company can be avoided.

Product innovation, quality, and safety

We respect our own and third-party intellectual property. Confidential information is used in a responsible and careful way and protected. Industrial secrets are kept and not published or provided to third parties without previous consent.

Our products and services stand for quality, sustainability, and long life. Everyone involved ensures that they add value, do not cause damages, meet the criteria that have been contractually agreed for many years, and are safe to use.

The safe interaction of people and machines is a precondition for joint work and is defined according to the European Machine directive. All machines used must conform to the European machine directive and bear, if necessary, the CE mark. The partners guarantee that only machines designed and manufactured in compliance with the European machine directive and that bear the CE mark are delivered.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is comprehensively protected by various property rights (brands, utility models, and patents). Extensions are claimed accordingly, and annual protection fees are paid on time.

Plagiarism is reported immediately.

Finances, corporate property, commitment to truth

The relevant legal provisions and generally valid standards for accounting and bookkeeping (in particular, the German general accounting principles – in German: GoB), as well as for financial transactions – above all the four-eyes principle – must be maintained. All participants protect corporate assets by complying with the regulations on decision-making authority and signing.


Integrity defines our relationship with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. This relationship is based on respect and acknowledgement and complies with basic commercial principles. Order placement is free of extraneous considerations and personal interests. Agreements must be documented completely in writing.

Invitations and gifts

No employee is allowed to either offer or accept impermissible benefits, in whatever form. Express reference is made to the related internal regulations. Direct or indirect benefits to officials and acquaintances in Germany and abroad are strictly prohibited.
If employees have insider information about a listed customer, supplier, or other partner, they must respect the legal insider trading rules.

Bribery and corruption

Any kind of bribery is forbidden. We do not grant and/ or accept any bribes, and kickback demands or other illegal payments are forbidden. Other things that are forbidden: bribery and/or kickbacks or incentives, accommodations, and benefits aimed at accelerating or facilitating and/or realizing businesses, or other incentives provided in any other context.
We reject any form of fraud, theft, extortion, or corruption. We obey a zero-tolerance rule against illegal grants and/or payment to public officials, individuals, or companies. Influencing of decision-making processes is forbidden.



Donations and sponsorships must be transparent, documented, and verified as legally permissible. In every case they require a decision by the Executive Board.

No employee may cause third parties to act unlawfully or knowingly participate in such actions of third parties.

Data privacy, data and information safety

Data privacy and data safety are a top priority and fundamentally important. It goes without saying that we insist on high standards not only for personal data, but also for business data. In this context, all employees must take particular responsibility.

BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH demands that all business partners respect the obligations arising from data privacy and safety, as well as confidentiality.

Information systems that include confidential data, as well as their technical protection against unauthorized access, are managed appropriately. All employees maintain strict confidentiality of master data, in particular order-related data.

Antitrust and competition law

Transactions with related companies and persons are carried out in accordance with customary market conditions; relevant internal regulations are complied with.

Money laundering and terrorist financing

All actions required to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing in their sphere of influence are taken. Embargo regulations are respected and monitored.

Conduct in competition

Competition rules are respected. Employees do not engage in illegal practices in competition, and do not provide any incentives for this.

All employees keep information, including about third parties, confidential. No employee discloses unauthorized and/ or unlawfully acquired trade secrets or other internal information to competitors or miscellaneous third parties.

Working for, investing in, or operating a competing company is incompatible with activity as an employee.

Export controls and economic sanctions

Goods, people, and goods-related export controls are regularly performed and are among the tasks executed in the area of foreign trade.

Human rights, human dignity, corporate codetermination, collegiality

The business partner respects all employees and their rights. This includes in particular occupational safety and health protection. Work processes, operational facilities, and operating materials must comply with the applicable legal regulations.

The diversity of human beings and their talents are strengths of the company. Employees are supported according to their individual abilities. In this context, the interests of people with disabilities are particularly considered. Staffing decisions are made according to objective criteria.

Child labor, slavery, and forced labor

Internationally recognized human rights are respected, and inhumane practices, such as slavery/ forced labor or child labor, are strictly rejected. It is not permissible to cooperate with companies and institutions applying or permitting such practices. Suppliers and subcontractors are expected to maintain these internationally valid social standards.


A collegial corporate culture is a precondition for entrepreneurial success. Managers work with their employees in a spirit of trust. The “Code of Business Conduct for Employees” provides guidelines for all employees.


Discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, gender, cultural and/ or religious background, handicap, age, or sexual identity, as well as any harassment, will not be tolerated, Our enterprise respects women’s rights, and the rights of minorities and indigenous people, and is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The company’s success depends on the full commitment of its employees. Secondary occupations, as well as activities for executive bodies of other companies, may not interfere with or limit the interests of the business partner and must be disclosed.

Codetermination, freedom of association

We regard corporate codetermination with a sense of responsibility as an opportunity. Employees are permitted to associate freely.

Appropriation of waters, land, and forests

Any unlawful appropriation of water, land, and forests whose use secures people’s livelihoods is prohibited.

Contaminations (soil, waters, air)

Avoidance of significant impairments in terms of changes in soil quality, as well as contamination of water and air is a top priority. No basis for preservation and production of food may be affected, nor may the health of people and their access to clean water be impaired or denied.

Environmental policy and protection

Environmental protection of the operations is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001, and the business partner practices environmentally oriented management with adequate environmental policy. The employees deal responsibly with natural resources Our commitment goes beyond respecting the legal requirements in terms of environmental protection.

Annual environmental protection indicators are not only defined, but also monitored. Reduction of air emissions, above all greenhouse gas emissions, is an important annual environmental objective. Conscientious attention is paid to these factors not only along the supply chain, but also within the organization.

Avoidance of materials and substances hazardous to the environment and health is the top priority. In all activities, the employees work to reduce the impact on health and the environment to a minimum. Environmentally friendly alternative solutions are analyzed and checked for sustainability and long-term feasibility for the products and services delivered. Responsible procurement of raw materials is the top priority.

Handling hazardous substances

Chemicals or hazardous substances used in the company are continuously monitored according to the legal requirements, and classified, declared, stored, and marked in accordance with the globally recognized system. The employees receive annual instruction and thus are extremely well tested due to the annual monitoring and repeat audits in quality and environmental management.


Waste is disposed of according to the legal requirements. Reduction or avoidance of waste material is a constant goal throughout the entire product life cycle, from concept to development, manufacturing and use and through utilization/ recycling. Products and services are already energy-efficient and consist of safe materials for the sake of the environment.

All waste is recycled. Further reduction of waste is examined by both in-house and external experts. Resources are managed sustainably thanks to continuous improvement.

Drinking water / water as a resource

Maintaining the quality standards established in the applicable Water Act is guaranteed. At the same time, the regulations of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (German abbrev.: DVGW), as well as the responsible employers’ liability insurance association, are fulfilled. All employees are required to use water sparingly. Operations management systems monitor in-house water consumption values and analyze them in cooperation with business management. Fluctuations in these operating figures are investigated immediately.


With regard to decarbonization, the aim is to achieve low carbon conversion. Alternative power for the vehicle fleet is sought. Intelligent digital solutions to control and regulate primary and secondary production processes are consistently implemented.

Remuneration and working hours

The business partners follow the applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours for their employees. Operating regulations are made public through company regulations. The business partner also undertakes the obligation to ensure that breaks are taken appropriately.

Employees are compensated at or above the current legal level. If there are no legal regulations, remuneration is guided by the business-specific customary remuneration and benefits that ensure an appropriate standard of living for the employee.

Occupational safety and health protection

Our business partners respect the nationally valid provisions, laws and regulation for operational safety and health protection.
Maintaining and/ or improving employees’ health and safety is regarded as a relevant corporate objective. Employees are provided with appropriate personal safety equipment and clothing free of charge.

Fire protection

National provisions, laws, and regulations governing fire protection are also respected.
Suitable fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers and fire alarms, is installed in all locations and regularly maintained according to the regulations. Moreover, all buildings are equipped with an adequate number of emergency exits and escape routes are clearly marked. Meeting points where employees may gather in case of fires have been created in the large parking areas in front of the buildings and marked or identified by means of signs.

Emergency plans have been developed in cooperation with qualified service providers.
For fire protection, the employees are instructed or trained annually to use the appropriate fire protection equipment.


All business partners respect this Code of Business Conduct and bear special responsibility for ensuring adherence to the Code of Business Conduct within their area of responsibility.

We expect our business partners to provide notification of potential violations of laws or binding internal guidelines, including this Code of Business Conduct – also anonymously upon request.

Violations of this Code of Business Conduct will be appropriately sanctioned. Violations can additionally result in criminal complaints, external investigations, and civil proceedings. Cooperation with the responsible government agencies is executed in accordance with applicable laws.

In the context of risk managements for the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH, business partners are regularly evaluated for potential existing risks for sustainability, in particular in terms of the protection of human rights and environment. Risk classification of the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH is based on appropriate measures being taken to remedy and reduce the identified risks.

We expect our business partners to adhere to the above mentioned principles completely and to have established appropriate management systems and business processes. We reserve the right to confirm the compliance with our principles by means of audits and questionnaires for self-assessment.

If business partners demonstrably fail to comply with the principles enumerated in this Code of Business Conduct or do not seek or implement any improvement measures or remediation by the defined deadlines, then the BRÄUER SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH reserves the right to terminate individual or all contractual relationships.

Mildenau, Juni 2023

As your partner, we are here to answer your questions about automated cap milling and cap changing and to enable your business to be successful.

We always work with our business partners as equals; we guarantee both their competitiveness and their added value. We are already delivering today the innovative and sustainable solutions that will meet the challenges of tomorrow’s body shop while supporting jobs, safety, and growth.

Fairness and trust are at the center of our partnerships and are the basis for all our success.

Our industry-specific expertise and know-how allow us to strengthen our business partners’ trust and confidence. We not only assist in finding technical solutions, but also offer our customers a seamless service experience; our approach goes well beyond after sales care.

We are an attractive regional employer offering an inspiring environment. We ensure that our employees can fully utilize their potential for further development. Diversity in our employees and an inclusive and collaborative culture are top priorities to motivate everyone- regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality – to do their best.

Our goal is to always provide offers and services that meet our standards for excellence, innovation, and precision; to always offer our customers the highest quality and proven expertise and to maintain our first-class standards in a sustainable and digital workplace. With these standards, we ensure a trusting and cooperative relationship with our business partners and employees.

We utilize the advantages offered by digitization to design our products and perform our services more innovatively and thus to enhance our partners’ business success. With our expertise, we can collect, analyze, and interpret data. With this knowledge, we can optimally refine our products, and, consequently, your processes. We can ask tomorrow’s questions today and find solutions together.

We are pioneers in our business and enable digital transformation and a culture of innovation on the way to a sustainable and successful future. This path leads us to our overarching goal: We continuously work to remain the market leader in resistance welding for electrode cap milling and changing.


Our high standards and drive towards continuous improvement make us your business partner for the future.


We accept our social responsibility, support social projects, and conserve available resources.


For us, trust, honesty, and sincerity are the foundations of all our relationships, internal and external - within our company and with our business partners.


As reliable contacts, we stand firmly at the customer’s side and see to it that they feel properly and professionally supported.


We at Bräuer respect and esteem all people and cultivate and maintain a corporate culture driven by openness and tolerance.


Equal treatment and equal rights for all are important to us! We use he/ him pronouns purely to enhance readability. In no case does this imply discrimination against other gender(s) but is to be understood as gender-neutral, that is, applying to all genders equally. All readers should feel equally addressed by the content we provide. To comply with the German federal government’s gender mainstreaming strategy, we embrace equality-sensitive information transfer.

The environment, society, and the economy, the pillars of sustainability, are a constant commitment for us. Thanks to our clear vision, we can put to the test, optimize, and implement our value creation processes and sustainable corporate strategies.

We are responsible for designing all our business activities in an economical, socially acceptable, and environmentally friendly manner. We focus on the following:

This Code of Conduct is based on internationally recognized standards, and includes, among other subjects, the following:

  • Respect for employees’ fundamental rights
  • Observance of laws
  • Prohibition of child employment
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery
  • Prohibition of any kind of discrimination
  • Employee health and safety
  • Consideration of environmental protection in safe handling of hazardous substances
  • Observance of the legal minimum wage and effective industrial standards

We participate in the region’s committee for external business relationships and the economic advisory board, support and co-operate with other companies, and regularly share our expertise with business partners at tradeshows.

Respectful, constructive communication and handling are important to us. A transparent feedback culture creates the foundation for the present and the future. We carefully consider and evaluate information regarding discrimination, defects, or violations of any kind, and address these issues seriously and confidentially.

Like the tortoise with the hare, we are already there. We share our expertise with our business partners as equals. Our own research and development, many years of expert knowledge, and future-oriented trainings gives us a solid foundation to remain in the lead in years to come.

We are reliable, straightforward, and respectful in our relationships with authorities, business partners, and our employees. Human interaction makes for a comfortable working environment. Our business partners feel and value this open communication, and thus we build up trust. We recognize these values in our own Code of Conduct and expect this behavior from our business partners, too.
As part of our commitment to promoting the next generation of employees and our own staff by training apprentices and working with the Saxon dual universities, we engage in sustainable personnel development and create unique, customized qualifications. Taking part in educational tradeshows, as well as “Girls Day” and “Open Companies” events, shows our commitment to assisting young people in making the right career choices early on.

Subsidizing daycare supports our employees with children. We underscore our commitment with health promotion programs and joint events (such as the Christmas party, sports events, and summer party).

With certified health and safety policies at the Bräuer Systemtechnik GmbH we clearly demonstrate that workforce safety and adherence to all legal requirements are fundamentally important for us.

Supporting regional projects and associations that focus primarily on active youth participation, we sponsor projects for culture and social activities from children’s day care to sports events

We only manufacture on demand. As a result, we produce only that which is really needed. This, in turn, means that we carefully and deliberately use resources, and rely on an efficient use of energy. This is evident in our sustainability strategy. In this context, we not only consider internal processes, but also the entire supply chain – from suppliers to transportation to our customers.

Our company takes responsibility for active environmental protection. We regard the following principles as valid:

  1. Our number one goal is reducing and eliminating environmental impacts in all areas. Adherence to legal requirements is the minimum criterion.

  2. We consider environmental impacts in the engineering/ design of products and planning of processes, and in setting up new plants as well.

  3. Environmental and workforce health and safety are top priorities. This requires managers to be role models and all employees to be involved and take part.

  4. Our environmental goals demand an environmental management system outlining clear responsibilities and procedures, inspection, and corrective actions.

  5. Providing factual environmental information to the public and all employees increases our company’s acceptance of environmental protection.

  6. We train and motivate all employees to consider environmental protection and workforce safety as core elements.

  7. All our business decisions and the functionality of our environmental management system aim at a continuous improvement process in implementing our environmental goals.

  8. Environmental impacts caused by damage and accidents are part of emergency preparedness.

  9. We commit to carefully utilizing energy, i.e. to performing all business activities in a reliable and energy-efficient manner. It is our goal to continuously analyze our procedures and processes for a more efficient use of energy and to optimize them economically.

This environmental policy is the framework for defining and assessing our environment-related goals and individual targets. All employees are obliged to comply with all requirements of this environmental policy and all relevant environmental laws and provisions to continuously enhance work results and goals, and to eliminate or reduce to a minimum any environmental impacts.

The management is obliged to implement these environmental and energy principles and to make available the funding necessary for this implementation.

Since 19 May 2017, the published regulation (EU) 2017/821 has defined supply chain due diligence obligations for EU importers who source specific minerals and metals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. With this regulation, the EU intends to contribute to a responsible strategy for trading minerals from conflict-affected areas that curbs financing of armed conflicts in affected regions with revenues gained from the mineral business. This establishes a responsible practice for EU companies purchasing tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold from such areas.

As a responsible enterprise, we do not purchase raw materials known as »conflict minerals« from conflict-affected regions of the world. We expect the same from our suppliers and request from them a regular confirmation that regulation (EU) 2017/821 is being observed.